Artisanat du Mali website design

August 28, 2005

The CNPA wanted a colorful, informative, and appealing site that would showcase Malian artisanat (handcrafts), describe a number of crafts in detail, show sample items, and give contact information for getting in touch with Malian artisans.

They requested a look-and-feel that reflected the art of Mali, so I created an original background based on traditional mudcloth designs, and a banner featuring the ciwara, symbol of Mali.

Artisanat du Mali home page

Each of the nine crafts has its own page describing techniques, the role of that craft in Malian society, and showing photographs of sample items (taken by Ministry of Artisanat and Tourism staff, and selected by my client and me).

Artisanat inside page

I also created an image map of Mali; each region links to a page with brief information about that region’s artisanat and contact information for the local chambre de metier (artists’ association).

Artisanat map of Mali

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