USIP Certificate Course in Interfaith Conflict Resolution

July 7, 2008

The U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) asked me to put one of their courses online: The Certificate Course in Interfaith Conflict Resolution (link goes to USIP site). USIP had already posted one course on conflict analysis, so they had already established the course structure and design template.The course content, which they provided, was fascinating. The course includes two case studies, Nigeria and Guatemala.

screenshot from Certificate Course in Interfaith Dialogue

screenshot from Certificate Course in Interfaith Conflict Resolution

In reading the Nigeria case study, I learned about “the pastor and the imam” — two religious leaders who arrange interfaith dialogue in troubled communities, in a brave and powerful effort to bring peace to their region.

The Guatemala case study was a sort of “behind the scenes” look at the peace process that brought an end to thirty-six years of misery in that country.

I had several tasks for this project:

  • Researching, selecting, and editing photos to illustrate the content and themes of the course. I used photos provided by USIP, and others I found on the United Nations and other NGOs’ web sites. Best of all, I used an AP Images account to through some of the most striking and powerful news photos ever taken.
  • Writing multiple-choice test questions based on the content. I have to admit this part was more challenging than expected, but very satisfying when I worked with the client to get the questions and answers just right.
  • Coding all the web pages from a template provided by USIP.
  • Proofreading the text.

After completion of my tasks, my contact at USIP said,

“Thanks so much for your help with the project.  Not only your first-rate technical work and editing support, but most of all your experience as a photographer.  Those photos help put the visual into visual storytelling, and help explain the continuing flood of enthusiastic feedback.”

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