Editing Movable Type for OLPC News

March 4, 2009

OLPC NewsMy friend and colleague Wayan Vota launched a site called OLPC News in 2006. Now the site has a three-person editorial team, over a dozen other authors, and 5,000 readers per day.

In their own words, the editors “do our best to celebrate what is going right, question what is going wrong, and suggest what could be done better. Cute pictures of children with shiny new laptops don’t keep us from asking tough questions.”

OLPC News has been running on Movable Type since launch, and now runs Movable Type Pro, version 4.21. I have years of experience with Movable Type, so I was happy to help make some recent small changes to the templates and to the CSS. Here is how I was able to help:

  • Added automatically generated (tag-based) list of related entries at the end of each entry
  • Changed search results so that clicking on a tag brings up a list of entry excerpts (instead of full posts)
  • Visually differentiated comments by the entry authors
  • Visually differentiated the recent forum posts and recent comments in sidebar
  • Formatted trackbacks to look more like comments
  • Adjusted the header text and image slightly

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