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February 28, 2000

I contributed a number of book reviews to the general-interest publication BookPage.

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Geeks: How Two Lost Boys Rode the Internet Out of Idaho

February 27, 2000

by Jon Katz February 2000 BookPage URL: Of course Jon Katz plugs his own book on’s Web site. After all, Geeks is about the way the Internet is changing people’s lives. It’s about people making connections, especially the kind of people—the “lost” people—who have trouble connecting in the real world. He says tongue-in-cheek […]

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Miss Wyoming

January 31, 2000

by Douglas Coupland January 2000 BookPage URL: Meet the older, wiser Douglas Coupland. His latest novel, Miss Wyoming, loses the flaws that mar his weaker novels—too much style, not enough substance; pseudo-profound ramblings; and self-absorbed, unsympathetic characters. Instead, Miss Wyoming is composed in Coupland’s best writing—witty, irreverent, and full of detailed characterizations and up-to-the-minute […]

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My Kitchen Wars

October 31, 1999

by Betty Fussell October 1999 BookPage URL: A good memoir can be written about a series of interesting events, but the best memoirs have a unifying theme. Betty Fussell, food writer and food history expert, has written a unique memoir about her life in food and war. Reading My Kitchen Wars is as enjoyable […]

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The Last Life

September 30, 1999

by Claire Messud September 1999 BookPage URL: “I am American now,” Sagesse LaBasse declares at the opening of Claire Messud’s second novel, The Last Life. Readers will be thankful that she doesn’t tell her story American-style. In contrast to a nation full of people who compete to tell their most shocking secrets in front […]

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Geographies of Home

March 31, 1999

by Loida Maritza Perez March 1999 BookPage URL: You might expect Dominican-American Loida Maritza Perez’s remarkable first novel to brim with warm, hazy memories of the homeland (and be cut with the immigrant’s shock of immersion in a new culture). That’s why the intimate scale of Geographies of Home comes as such a surprise: […]

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The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image

October 31, 1998

by Leonard Shlain Reviewed October 1998 BookPage URL: You may know a little about your brain’s hemispheres. Maybe you’ve heard that a “right-brained” person is more creative, and a “left-brained” person is good at math. Or is it the other way around? Leonard Shlain, a surgeon, can tell you about right brain and left […]

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The Fall of a Sparrow

July 31, 1998

by Robert Hellenga July 1998 BookPage URL: Readers familiar with Robert Hellenga’s first novel, The Sixteen Pleasures, will hear its echoes in his second, ruminative book, The Fall of a Sparrow. Hellenga again explores the subtle details of the creation and preservation of beauty, this time through the crafts of American blues guitar, traditional […]

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